From Uhaul to Fully Unpacked in 72 hrs: Our Packing System secrets!

This summer will be the 8th big move for us since we got married (not counting the 6 semi-moves for summer jobs as students when we just took some of our things to the temporary housing). After moving so frequently I have developed a system that makes the moves easier and better every time. I’ve…

Molly’s Birth Story

Each of our babies has made their splash into the world with their own unique entrance into life. Molly was no different, and we’re grateful to have her here and for the little miracles that kept her safe!

Lessons from the One Bedroom Wonder

Once Cameron graduated, we set out to find our new “Big Kid with a Real Adult Job” rental after he got his first job. We ended up moving from a large 3 bedroom home on a ranch to a 1 bedroom home for a family of soon to be four. And boy was it a learning experience!

Picking Blackberries

Picking blackberries at the end of summer is becoming one of our family traditions here, and this year was one for the books!

Where We’re Starting From

There’s not point to documenting a journey if the starting point isn’t set out. So this is what we’re doing here, in all it’s good and not so good.

Our 10 Baby Steps towards Radical Homemaking

We all know that there is a big difference between being excited about an idea and being able to actually implement it and move towards it. This is how we feel with Radical Homemaking. This is our list of the next 10 baby steps we’re taking to more us closer to our goals!

2019 Mower Family Plan

Businesses make business plans to line out goals, finances, and values…it only made sense to me to make a family plan for the same things!