Who We Are

Hi there! We’re the Mower Family!

Cameron: The Biology Professor, Woodcarver, Walking Encyclopedia
Marquette: The 7th generation Southwesterner, Professional Photographer, Amateur Mom
Darrow: The Witty Lawyer and Future Car Mechanic/Inventor
Ione: The Spunk and Sparkle, Full-on Middle Child, and Art Lover
Molly: The Universally Adored, and maybe the only one without ADHD in the family

We’re two geriatric millennials living the rental life, attempting to opt out of consumer culture, spend less, live more, and raise kind humans.

We’re making decisions that move us away from the consumer culture in efforts to strengthen our family, buoy up our community, and live more intentionally.

Why are we the “Wilderness Mowers”? You can read that story here. New layers of meaning add to that name for us each year as well.

This blog is that journey. Follow along for the ups & downs, what we learn through success and failure, and the inevitable shenanigans that spice up life.