Where We’re Starting From

There’s not point to documenting a journey if the starting point isn’t set out. So this is what we’re doing here, in all it’s good and not so good.

From Uhaul to Fully Unpacked in 48 hrs: Our Packing System secrets!

I posted on Instagram the other day about how our favorite summer plans this year is to NOT move. We’ve moved every summer for 5 years and I’m so excited to get to stay put. However, after moving so frequently, I developed a system that made the moves easier and better every time, and we’ve…

Our 10 Baby Steps towards Radical Homemaking

We all know that there is a big difference between being excited about an idea and being able to actually implement it and move towards it. This is how we feel with Radical Homemaking. This is our list of the next 10 baby steps we’re taking to more us closer to our goals!

2019 Mower Family Plan

Businesses make business plans to line out goals, finances, and values…it only made sense to me to make a family plan for the same things!