101 Things in 2020

It’s hard to come up with 101 things! Just making this list is a big creative endeavor. 2020 will be the eleventh “101 Things to Do This Year” list that I’ve made and I’ve learned that I need to be specific, and that I need to be realistic and sometimes that makes it hard to come up with list items.

I know that I won’t finish everything on the list. I tend to get around 50% of the list done (some years more, other years less), but this list isn’t about perfection. This list is about trying new things, accomplishing goals, and it gives me things to work on through the year. When I’m at a loss for something to do I can check the list and find something. 

Done: 0 To Do: 101

  1. No eating out for one month
  2. Earn $50 on ibotta
  3. Earn $100 on ibotta
  4. Have a perfect budget month
  5. Do a 1 month spending freeze
  6. Cash out on ibotta
  7. Set up “Once a Year” Account
  8. Set up “Slush Fund” Account
  9. Set Marquette LaRee Back up
  10. Get together with KJAZ Power Partners
  11. Blog every week for one month
  12. Setup photographer’s headshot swap
  13. Do Quarter 1 Business Plan Review
  14. Do Quarter 2 Business Plan Review
  15. Do Quarter 3 Business Plan Review
  16. Do Quarter 4 Business Plan Review
  17. Take headshots of Cameron
  18. Revamp the website
  19. Sell handmade goods from Cameron and/or I
  20. Order new lens caps
  21. Create workflow for editing clients
  22. Visit Kerry and Kathleen
  23. Visit Mom and Dad
  24. Get family photos done
  25. Go on a double date
  26. Have a Kett and Eeps day
  27. Print and frame family photos
  28. Go camping with family
  29. Make chore chart
  30. Make Home Church Chart (for family jobs as we can have home church before regular church)
  31. Set up rewards chart for kids (as suggested by developmental pediatrician)
  32. Print Family Photo for Cameron’s Office
  33. Make freezer meals
  34. Do shelftember
  35. Make our own cocoa mix
  36. Make our own chicken taco seasoning mix
  37. Make our own spaghetti sauce seasoning mix
  38. Forage something new
  39. Do annual decluttering
  40. Clean up Green Belt
  41. Start seeds indoors
  42. Do at least one session of swimming lessons for Darrow and Ione
  43. Fix Bathroom Wall where paint peeled
  44. Fix leaking tub faucet
  45. Spend 1 hour outside every day for a week
  46. Night time potty train Darrow
  47. Night time potty train Ione
  48. Teach Piano Lessons to Darrow
  49. Find online ballet or yoga lessons and do with Ione
  50. Make jam/jelly
  51. Reach 180 lbs
  52. Reach 175 lbs
  53. Reach 170 lbs
  54. Reach 165 lbs
  55. Reach 160 lbs
  56. Hike 1 mile on the AZT
  57. Hike 5 miles on the AZT
  58. Exercise every day for 1 week
  59. Sugar free for a week
  60. Sugar free for 2 weeks
  61. Sugar free for 4 weeks
  62. Make sauerkraut
  63. Make yogurt
  64. Get my dental work caught up
  65. Get Cameron’s sleep apnea looked at
  66. Finish 1 blanket
  67. Make a new flavor of pie
  68. Make tamales
  69. Make a Christmas Decoration
  70. Work through full creativity book
  71. Finish 1 UFO (UnFinished Object)
  72. Finish 2 UFOs
  73. Make twin blanket for Darrow
  74. Make twin blanket for Ione
  75. Do one personal photo project
  76. Finish 1 painting
  77. Print and frame 1 “art” photo from my portfolio
  78. Do creativity challenge from Elise Creates email series
  79. Get piano fixed
  80. Enter something in the county fair
  81. Make Christmas Bags
  82. Use phone only as a phone for a day
  83. Use phone only as a phone for a week
  84. Rewatch the IG Lab
  85. Rewatch Budget Boot Camp
  86. Rewatch 1 other course
  87. Play piano daily for one week
  88. Finally learn “Within” all the way through
  89. Read  1 book about container gardening
  90. Read 1 book from bookshelf that I’ve never read
  91. Lean to fix holes in Darrow’s pants
  92. Use bullet journal every day for a week
  93. Finish reading Book of Mormon before the April General Conference
  94. Read every October 2019 General Conference talk before April 2020 General Conference
  95. Read every April 2020 General Conference talk before October 2020 General Conference
  96. Finish 1 Bible Study Book
  97. Reread Book of Mormon before end of 2020
  98. Write in Journal 2 times in a month
  99. Go to Manzanita Ward Sacrament to hear Sis. Harris play the organ
  100. Have Home Church every week for 4 weeks
  101. Stay off Instagram for 4 Sunday’s in a row