A Netflix Reminder

We haven’t had Netflix since December of 2016, and we didn’t renew our Amazon Prime this past September. For the most part we don’t miss it! We’ve gotten used to life without streaming videos.

But then my brother ended up with a free month of Netflix and let us log on to watch a show while he was at work.

And we remembered why we cancelled our memberships in the first place.

For a few nights in a row we stayed up until 1am watching shows, and couldn’t unwind and get to sleep until at least 2am. We made eggless cookie dough to eat each time we binge watched. We’d wake up feeling sluggish, grumpy, and have a cookie dough hangover.

And yet we did that same routine a number of nights in a row.

Seeing the shows available it felt tempting at first to restart our Netflix account, but after a few days of binging we realized we didn’t want to start our account back up even with the fun shows in the lineup. We accomplish more, read more, sleep more, and connect more without Netflix or any video streaming in our lives.

So we’re back to being Netflixless.

And it makes my heart happy as I sit here and watch my kids playing together. Their brains are coming up with weird things to say for their characters, but for the first time ever we’re seeing them make up their own stories and not just recreate movie scenes.

I’m not saying movies or shows are bad, but I do love what NOT having video streaming in our home does.

And I love that our city library has a great video collection for those times we do want to watch something that isn’t in our little collection of DVDs!

So this all might make us a little extra weird as Wilderness Mowers, but we’re totally okay with weird. It’s our badge of honor 😂.


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