Why Wilderness Mowers?

My nephew once asked if some differences he noticed in us were because we live in the wilderness. I kinda raised an eyebrow at that because the differences he had noticed stemmed more from Darrow’s developmental delays attached to his ONH, but as I thought on it more the next few days I realized that some of our family differences ARE because we live “in the wilderness”. (It makes me laugh because other than two years at University, this is the biggest town we’ve lived in ever in our lives). And as I thought on it more I realized that I wanted my kids to be proud of their differences and to be proud of being from the “wilderness”.

And so that simple question from my nephew ended up turning into a family identity. If you ask Darrow we are the Wilderness Mowers. In fact in September was the children’s program in church and Darrow was given the part, “Heavenly Father planned for me to come to a family. My family is special because…” and then he got to fill in the blank. It got some raised eyebrows from the adult leaders, but Darrow’s part that he chose was “we’re Wilderness Mowers and together we can do hard things.” It made my little Momma heart proud!

One thing we’re excited about with shutting down the business (more on that in my next post) is to get to dive into that aspect of our lives more fully. There are so many things we want to try and do. So many things we want to teach our kids in relation to being Wilderness Mowers. So many ideas and fears and hopes and excitements and worries and possibilities!!


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  1. Claire Waite says:

    I am so so happy that you aren’t leaving the internet world for good, and that you’ll still be blogging!! I hope some of your photography blog topics will pop back up- like all your funny stories from the past. I am so grateful that photography brought us together and that despite “being on a break”, we are still such close friends!


    1. Claire! I’m so glad our paths got to cross!! Photography brought so many blessings to my life and one of them is your sweet friendship. Thank you! The funny stories will definitely make their way on here. Really, I should have known I couldn’t not blog…I have to have somewhere for my long winded fingers to unleash their ramblings, bahaha. Thanks for all the support and love. You’re one of my favorite people!


  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m also happy you’re not leaving the internet for good! I love reading your words and hearing your heart! I look forward to reading more!


    1. Ah! I missed this comment (still learning wordpress setup without Showit, lol). You’re so sweet to me, I’m so thankful for our friendship! Thanks for the love and support you send our way!


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